Monday, March 1, 2010


I have been getting more and more comfortable in the studio. Things are starting to click. But then I find that my "huge realization" was actually just a small part of the beginning of understanding the studio I am working in.

Lately I have been redefining what I am doing in the recording studio. I am loving the beginners mind approach with every artist who comes in. I ask : what do you want to sound like? Sometimes they have NO IDEA and don't even want to start to have an opinion about what mic to use, mic placement, or what pre amp to use, etc.

We are DONE with SambaDá's newest album, Gente. We are playing this weekend in Santa Cruz at Moes Alley, for 2 nights. I can't wait.

I am in the final stretch for the Banana Slug String Band's next album "Only One Ocean". This has been an epic experience. Brett Dennen donated his voice for one of the songs, which is quickly becoming one of the best songs on the record. It's understated... Bass- (Doug Dirt) Drums-(Will Kahn) Piano (Zach Gill) and vocals (Brett Dennen). The track also has a group of about 9 fabulous local children from Santa Cruz.

Also, Naomi Wilder has been in the studio... she is totally fun to work with and has lots of crazy ideas. She is a nut. It has been a blast working with her. We had in Marcio from Bahia, Brazil to play percussion. Then we did a track with 6 people stomping on the ground and clapping their hands. It is RAW!

More soon...

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