Friday, June 19, 2009

Banana Slug String Band album....

I got my first production gig. I am producing an album with 14 songs for the banana slug string band... From left to right we have Solar Steve, Marine Mark, Doug Dirt and Airy Larry, aka the SLUGS These guys have been playing music for children and families for 24 years. My band SambaDá played a party for them for their 20 year anniversary... Gary, our drummer also plays with them from time to time.

Side note: They had their name before the UCSC adopted its mascot (the banana slugs).

It has been a great experience for me. But now there is an added bonus. Due to the outreaching of the group (mainly Doug, I think, but might be wrong) Jack Johnson has agreed to sing on the album. We have sent him two songs, broken down into stems (or sub groups), and he will sing on one or both of them. He has an amazing thing going (to say the least), more specifically a totally laid back style (down to the bone), 15 million albums sold world wide, a solar powered recording studio, a foundation for childrens' eco-education, and a record label.

Victor Whooten is also planning to lay down his FUNKY bass... Vic is one of the best bass players on the planet. Period. EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!

Also, the Cajun music LEGENDS Beausoleil from New Orleans came into my shack (previous studio/garage) and instantly turned one of our songs into a masterpiece. It was amazing to watch them work... we have accordion, two fiddles, and washboard. What a treat!

Also, we have some major local musicians lined up.... Barry Phillips on cello (I can't wait) and George Winston, the great pianist. He will actually be playing Slack Key guitar for a song about coral reefs... I also have Anne Stafford (SambaDá) who is going to help me arrange horns, and play sax, and more to come...

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