Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is my new (musical) home. Rich Williams is the studio owner. We are running the whole system off of my computer, and I have a couple of microphones, and all my drums in there, but otherwise, it is an amazing system that Rich put together. I wasn't really savvy to all the amazing gear that Rich has the first time I went in. I saw the couch, and kind of thought that the place was run down. But it is truly a sonic paradise!

(Don't judge a book by it's cover). Rich used to work for Universal Audio, and designed a number of crucial products that they have put out. Rich has TREMENDOUS ears and is another angel in my recording career. I am learning as much as i can in a very short time... The board is all analog... no automation, so I am still getting used to that system.

But to my left as I work is this amazing tower of love:

Add ImageI have been a little overwhelmed with all this gear, but it is getting to the point where I don't think I'll ever look back.

I used to do everything inside of pro-tools... all software based. Meaning, I woudl use a preamp to go into pro tools (that red focusrite on the left is Len's and I am still using it) but then everything else I did was software based.

Now I have access to the LA2A, 1176, INSANE Analog to Digital converters, and much more.

I am happily growing into all this gear... it's ridiculous.

Here is a look into the live room... I am in HEAVEN... with all the mics and a wood floor for drums.

Right now SambaDá is finishing up our latest album... And today I am going to do some final drums for the Banana Slug String Band album, which is all about saving the oceans. Till next post!

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