Sunday, July 19, 2009

SambaDá workshop in São Paulo Brasil, July 18 2009

SambaDá has landed in Brasil. We have been running around trying to get all the last minute details together for our big show in São Paulo that paid for our tickets to ge
t down here.... but we had time to teach a
couple of workshops
for kids in some of the outskirts of this INCREDIBLY huge city.

There are more than 20 million people living in São Paulo. It is HUGE. To the right i
s the group of children we did our first workshop with. It is in the city called GUARULHOS. This group of kids played very well already, so we brought them some new rhythms from a song that Dandha sang with them. Here are some more memorable pics from this workshop:

This girl had a great time playing... she is 18 and has been playing with this group for a number of months. She was always making great eye contact with us as we all played together with a huge smile. Absolutely radiant.

Behind this little girl is a man who has composed many songs for two very famous bands in brazil, Olodum and Ile Aiye. He heard the kids drumming and came to the workshop. One of the leaders of the group invited him in and he started playing and singing,
and he was so into it... which surprised me, in a very touching way.

We spoke after the class, and he greeted me with open arms. People were amazed to see a band from the US coming to their little neighborhood, a band of different races, ages and genders coming together to share music and a message of cultural identity through music. It fills me with the feeling that I am part of a global community.

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